Happy Spring Break!

We enjoyed our trip to the Sealife Aquarium today. 
There were many opportunities to see wonderful marine life such as; stingrays, sharks, seahorses and all kinds of fish species. Some students were also able to touch starfish, shrimp and pool crabs. 


M- Step

If you are interested in getting a look at the practice tests for M-Step, please use the link below.  YOU MUST use GOOGLE CHROME to access the practice tests.  The tests will not work in other browsers.  We will practice during school, however, we strongly encourage you to practice at home as well.  Choose Sample Item Sets for Grade 3 ELA and Math and Grade 4 ELA, Math and Science.

M-Step Click Here

Science On the Go...Awesome!


Today is a Half Day with Dismissal at 11:30!

It was a treat to meet with many of you last night!  I look forward to meeting with other families this evening!  Thank you for sharing your child with me each day!  I am the luckiest teacher!  


Tomorrow is Yellow (3rd) and Red (4th) Day!


Food allergy is a growing public health issue that impacts almost every school across the United States. Nearly 6 million children in the U.S. – which equates to 1 in 13, or roughly 2 in every classroom – have a food allergy.  Studies indicate that 16-18% of school-age children who have food allergies have had a reaction in school. In addition, in approximately 25% of the reactions that occur at school, the student had not yet been diagnosed with food allergy.  Help your child BE A PAL (protect a life) TO A FRIEND WITH A FOOD ALLERGY! Click here for details or at the following link:  http://www.foodallergy.org/document.doc?id=118


Jump Rope For Heart!

Dear Parents,

AHA 2014 Scribbles NinjaThis is a quick reminder that our annual Jump Rope for Heart is almost here.  March 11th-13th our students will be jumping rope to save lives.  An easy and safe option to help your student with this community service project is to go to www.heart.org/jump and help them set up their own Jump Rope for Heart page.  With your help your student can write a letter about why heart health is important and how supporting the American Heart Association can help save lives. They can then email their webpage as a secure link to friends & family asking for their support.  If you are really tech savvy and have a Facebook account you can even donate your status to our event!  The instructions are right on the site when you sign up.

Bonus! Your child will receive a Ninja Lifesaver Duck as a thank you when they raise an online donation! 


Special thank you to AIRTIME Trampoline Park for sponsoring our Jump Rope for Heart event!  Your child will receive HOOT, the owl who wants to be a duck if they raise $50 for the AHA.  Hoot comes with a special tag from Airtime good for a free hour of jump time!  See tag for details!


Did you know that this year the American Heart Association is funding almost 9 million dollars in research here in Michigan thanks in part to our school and the efforts of schools just like ours who participate in Jump Rope for Heart? In addition to helping others our school has the opportunity to earn US Games certificates from the American Heart Association that will be used for PE equipment our students can use every day.

Thank you for helping our school and the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease.

Bill Johansson
Chris Manchester
Jumprope for Heart Coordinators

2015 Jump Schedule
Thursday, March 12th
Harvath & Maliszewski 12:30-1:15
Parkin & Wallington 4th Graders 1:20-2:05

Friday, March 13th
Davis & Seley 10:20-11:05
Butzin & Frishman 12:30-1:15
Parkin & Wallington 3rd Graders 1:20-2:05

Note…The students will be given a hard copy with more information, as well as an envelope for those who choose to collect, in their first PE class this week.

Marvelous Monday!

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